Q: What time is checkout?

A: Checkout is usually 10 am. Ask us about later checkouts.

Q. Is The Hide suitable for children?

A.The property is not suitable for children or anyone not able to be unsupervised due to the proximity of the dam to The Hide. We are also not set up to accommodate children and therefore do not offer accommodation for children between the ages of 10 months and 12 years. We hope you respect our position on this.

Q: Can we bring our dogs or pets?

A: Yes, however you must receive our consent and to certain terms and conditions as set out in the letter attached https://thehide.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/The-Hide-Dog-Letter1.pdf By proceeding with your booking you are agreeing to these terms. If you would like a copy of this letter emailed to you please let us know.

Q: We have three dogs, can we bring them?

A: Because we want you to be able to have your dogs inside we will only accept a maximum of 2 dogs (no matter the size).

Q: Can we leave our pets at The Hide to go and have a massage or treatment or out for a while?

A: Our experience is that pets left in a strange place become stressed and we know you wouldn’t want that. This can lead them to incessantly bark, be destructive or do things they wouldn’t normally do inside. We therefore recommend you organise to have a mobile masseur visit you (there are many and we are happy to provide a list) at The Hide or, where there are couples, have one person stay at The Hide with your pet. We will not allow pets to be left alone in The Hide. When the weather is cool you could consider taking them in the car with you.

Q: Do you have one night stays?

A: Yes subject to availability. The tariff for one night and one bedroom is $350 and $450 for two bedrooms on Friday or Saturday night. From Sunday to Thursday the tariff is $250 for one bedroom and $350 for two bedrooms.

Q: Are there any special clothing suggestions?

A: Check the weather forecast first. In summer it tends to cool down in the evenings so we recommend you bring something warm to wear at night. If you plan to go walking at all bring some sturdy shoes/boots, especially if you plan to walk around the paddocks in all seasons. Also it is nice to have slippers to lounge around in (if you are so inclined!)

Q: Can I organise to have something special like a bottle of bubbly on arrival?

A: Yes, please just contact us to discuss.

Q: Why can’t I smoke in or outside The Hide?

A. The Hide is set on a rural property and is in a bushfire prone area (see below).  There can be dry grass any time of the year near The Hide and it is very easy for a fire to start simply by a spark or butt.  The fires near Daylesford in 2009 were started from a cigarette butt.  For the consideration of all guests there is no smoking at all inside The Hide either. If you are a smoker and wish to stay at The Hide we insist you wait until you visit Daylesford or surrounding towns to have your morning coffee and cigarette.

Q: Is the whole property run on solar power?

A: Yes, which is fantastic.You will have power just like any other accommodation, however we do require you to be conscious of your usage. We provide further information in our guest handbook.

Q: What mobile reception is there?

A: Telstra and Optus are good in the are, Vodaphone does not appear to work anywhere in the area, including Daylesford. For other providers please check their website. Particularly in summer, it is our preference that you have a mobile phone switched on at all times when staying at The Hide so we can contact you for any urgent matters.

Q: How do we pay?

A: If you book directly via us and not through Stayz we require a direct deposit into our bank account of 50% of the tariff. We require the balance of payment 28 days prior to your stay. We will send you an email to remind you.

Q: How often are the sheets and towels changed?

A: If you stay and pay for less than 7 nights the sheets and towels are not changed until you leave. For longer stays we change them on the 8th day. If you would like the sheets and towels changed at other times there is a charge of $40 per couple of room and subject to availability.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Cancellation – If you cancel your booking at any time you will lose the initial deposit you have made if paying via credit card and 10% of the total tariff if you pay via direct bank transfer. Additional cancellation fees are as follows:

100% refund less deposit: 21 days or more notice
50% refund less deposit: 14-20 days notice
25% refund less deposit: 3-13 days notice

Variations to these conditions may only be made by prior arrangements with the owner in writing.

Q: Are you in a bushfire prone area?

A: All of Victoria, country and city is potentially at risk from bushfires. Daylesford and the Hepburn Shire (in which we are situated) is no exception. The fire season generally begins in December and runs through until at least March. The Country Fire Authority (CFA) and the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) manage bushfire information. We have a policy for guests in relation to bushfires which is outlined in the following questions as well as in the kit supplied at The Hide. Please visit the CFA website for information prior to your visit at http://cfa.vic.gov.au


Q: What happens if an Extreme day is declared by the CFA?

A: Even though a day being declared Extreme doesn’t necessarily mean that there are going to be bushfires, it does mean that there is a greater risk.Whilst we will not ask you to leave or not come (if you are due to arrive that day), we request that you make your own decisions. If you decide not to come or leave the evening before the declared day we will give you a credit for the night not used.We recommend you call us and discuss the prevailing situation to assist you with your decision. You must understand that we cannot take responsibility for your safety under bushfire conditions. Please go to the CFA website for more information about bushfires.http://cfa.vic.gov.au


Q: What happens if a Code Red day is declared by the CFA?

A: Even though a day being declared Code Red doesn’t necessarily mean that there are going to be bushfires, it does mean that conditions are likely to be perfect for a fire, so the risk is higher than usual. If you are due to arrive on a day that has been declared Code Red we will ask you not to come to The Hide @ Mt Franklin for your own safety. Instead we will give you a credit for the night not used. If you are already staying with us and the following day has been declared Code Red, we will ask you to leave on the evening the Code Red announcement is made and we will give you a credit for the night not used. We urge you to go to the CFA website to familiarise yourself with the definitions.http://cfa.vic.gov.au